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Former tennis champion Roman Spenser is back in town and hellbent on making amends with the woman he wronged years ago. polishing up his tainted reputation. His upcoming charity event will give him the media boost he needs to polish his tainted reputation. But he suddenly has his hands full when his widowed mother begins to behave oddly.  The only person he can turn to for help is the one woman he shattered years ago.

As a co-owner of a senior concierge service, Piper Chandler is a bleeding heart nurturer. She’s never been known to turn away a senior citizen in need, but she balks when the man who broke her heart suddenly comes into her life seeking her help. Unable to resist the sexy "Roman Lion," Piper finds herself growing closer to him—and his mother all over again.  But as strange events occur, Piper realizes that something is amiss. Someone is out to sabotage Roman's event, and Piper is determined to uncover the truth. Can the “Roman Lion” convince Piper to put the painful past behind her and look forward to a second chance with the one man she's always loved?